Michelle Urban

Trunk Club Conversions Jump 54% With Layer

It’s an age-old question in the e-commerce space: how do you create a high-touch online experience that mimics the personal attention customers receive in a store? Trunk Club, a Nordstrom-owned company where personal stylists handpick boxes of clothing for customers, figured out the secret after some trial and error—eventually increasing conversions by 54% using Layer. Making Rich Messaging Work for E-Commerce Layer makes it easy for companies to connect with users. With seven physical locations, 1500 employees and millions of users, Trunk Club coordinates thousands of »

Dhruv Parthasarathy

Learning with teams

Editor's note: This is a cross-post from Udacity's Dhruv Parthasarathy. Dhruv shares how, with the collaboration with Layer, they were able to successfully implement their classroom chatroom feature, Teams. Despite all the advancements made to date, online education still has one glaring shortcoming — it is lonely. Learning online today is largely done on your own, at your computer, cut off from those around you. In essence, we’ve lost the human element of education that brings so much joy and richness to the experience. Here at Udacity, our »

Allison Messner

How Udacity is using Layer to leverage social connections and retain students

Udacity is an online university built for “what people need today.” Through its unique Nanodegree Program, the company teaches people to work in in-demand, specialized roles like web development, mobile development, and data analysis. The credentials its students earn in these disciplines have quickly become respected and endorsed by employers. As part of its ongoing efforts to improve the online education experience, the company turned to Layer to power seamless web-to-mobile messaging as part of the courses it offers. Fig 1. Udacity is available for Android, iOS, and »

Allison Messner

How Praber uses Layer-powered messaging to run its mobile marketplace

Praber, an on-demand marketplace app that connects people needing a service to skilled providers who can perform it, is using Layer to power its most crucial function: messaging. Based in Milan, Italy, and New York City, and with plans to expand throughout Europe in the next year, Praber uses a bidding system to help its end users find the perfect service provider — whether it be a house cleaner, a lawyer, a personal trainer, massage therapist, or anything in between. Well-communicated logistics + trust = a great mobile marketplace experience All »

Allison Messner

Spotlight on a Layer user: Photobucket

tl;dr: With 100 million monthly active users, Photobucket sought to enable friends and loved ones to better connect and share on mobile devices. After a thorough buy vs. build vetting process, Photobucket’s Lasso app turned to Layer to power in-app messaging. To learn more about how the team integrated Layer, join our TechTalk with co-founder Chad Podoski on April 29. RSVP here. Photography is how we document our lives and preserve memories, and Photobucket is one of the largest and widest-reaching photo sharing services in the »

Allison Messner

Spotlight on a Layer user: Pop

The idea for Pop was born far from its San Francisco headquarters. Founder and CEO Joshua Nguyen was traversing the highlands in Burma with a guide, some 20 miles from a hot guerilla zone. A former product executive at Flickr and Tumblr, he’d come to this place to clear his head and decide on his next professional move. Josh’s guide proposed they make a stop in his home village for a peek at what a native Palaung tribal community looks like. As Josh made his way »